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African culture has always attracted global attention for its flair and vibrancy. No visit to Africa is complete without experiencing it.

Vibrancy & Flair is at the heart of the African Culture. Have you experienced it?

Imagine your travel needs in the African continent met at the touch of a button… That button is Clay-Marcel World.

Quintessential African Travel Hospitality is our purpose; our passion; our strength

We cater to:

We ensure travellers experience the most hassle-free trip they’ve ever been on – whether it is a business or leisure trip.

We are an international company

of African Origin

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We crave to make your travelling experience to AFRICA, delightful and hassle free. In a way that makes you want to relive it. 

We are your one-stop dependable service provider for a seamless, well-planned and executed Pre-Trip, On-Trip & Post-Trip travel experience in Africa.

Our robust experience and network in delivering exemplary travel hospitality and journey management services sees that we go the extra-mile to ensure you have a “priceless memorable experience” whilst visiting Africa.

What we DO?


From meeting standard travel requirements for small group travellers, to designing bespoke turn-key travel hospitality & security logistics, we have built a critical skillset for today’s highly expectant traveller.

Security logistics

Safety and security are major concerns for foreigners visiting Africa – especially for the first time. We arrange your security from your moment of arrival to your departure with trained security personnel & vehicles trained security details all the way.

Strategic Planning & Journey Architecture

Proactive planning and excellent execution laced with seasoned industry experience set us apart. We create and manage travel itineraries that best suit your personality, lifestyle and travel needs

Cultural Content Activities

Adventure is the soul of travel.  The artistic, the historical, the symbolic and the cultural. Prepare for a mind shift as you experience the values of  your host community. 

How can we HELP YOU?

Comprehensive Advisory

 & Risk Assessment

We provide comprehensive advisory and risk assessment by trouble shooting all the anticipated bottle-necks that can constitute a deterrence to the seamless achievement of all expected travel goals and objectives.

Our proprietary template is developed from over 20 years of industry experience spanning 4 continents.

Strategic Planning

& Journey Architecture

We help our clients design an optimized Itinerary & Journey Management Plan whilst takes into cognizance prevailing local factors like security risk, traffic bottleneck, location mapping and asset deployment.

To help the client build a very optimized Itinerary Execution Plan that maximizes the use of all deployed resources and achieves the highest form of efficiency and productivity possible to the client’s satisfaction.

Asset & Manpower Management

and Acquisition

We maximize our local reach to acquire or recruit the best in assets and manpower respectively and we manage their deployment with real time reporting on key activities to keep all stakeholders abreast of all activities in real time.

Furthermore, we have best-practice response solutions in place for various scenarios to ensure that we maintain memorable experiences that clients long to relive

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We make journey management a blissful experience for travellers.

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